Log: Indian Summer Release

A new release of the Memory of the World platform is launched. Many changes. Klemo & Marcell chilled on the beach coding. Be patient if there are bugs. Report. Feedback. Latest [let’s share books] plugin has to be used. Upgrade […]

Repertorium: Archive of Humanistic Textual Production in Yugoslavia

Collection Title: Archive of Humanistic Textual Production in Yugoslavia Identification/URL: http://www.uciteljneznalica.org https://www.youtube.com/user/namingitwar https://www.youtube.com/user/ucitelјneznalica https://www.youtube.com/user/radnickodrustvo Creator: The Ignorant Schoolmaster and his Committees Abstract: Archive of Humanistic Textual Production in Yugoslavia is part of The Ignorant schoolmasters’ self-education platform. It is a […]

Repertorium: Midnight Notes (digitized)

Collection Title: Midnight Notes (digitized) Identification/URL: http://midnightnotes.memoryoftheworld.org/ Creator: Midnight Notes Collective (prepared for Memory of the World by Anthony Iles) Abstract: Midnight Notes (digitized) is a collection compiling the (digitized) issues of issues of Midnight Notes. It also contains some books […]

Tools: How to: Bookscanning

In the focus of this manual are the scanners built for the Public Library project, designed by Voja Antonić. The Public Library scanner was built with the immediate use by a wide community of users in mind. Hence, the principle […]

Log: A public library of my own

A public library of my own: From user to librarian, from print book to digital annotations How can I digitize books? Where can I find e-books? What is the best way to manage my electronic library collection? How do I […]

Log: Really Useful Knowledge

At “Really Useful Knowledge” exhibition (curated by What, How and for Whom?/WHW) in Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid Public Library went under the name: Public Library: Art as infrastructure. Hackers know how to build infrastructures. Calafou is “colonia ecoindustrial postcapitalista” […]

Catalog: Timeline of Public Library

“Archives of violence”. Exhibition/Symposium/Workshop, at Chifte Hammam, National Gallery of Macedonia (Organized by Kontrapunkt. Skopje. November 2016. programme: KRIK – Program exhibition: KRIK – Exhibition “The Illegality of Freedom”. Symposium, at Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien. Vienna. November 2016. programme: […]

Log: Repertorium: Stories from the Archives

“Finding aid includes a wide range of formats, including card indexes, calendars, guides, inventories, shelf and container lists, and registers. Finding aid is a single document that places the materials in context by consolidating information about the collection, such as […]

Catalog: Index

Repertoriums. Timeline of Public Library. Realtime shared libraries through Calibre & [let’s share books]: https://library.memoryoftheworld.org   Featured libraries: https://kok.memoryoftheworld.org (see repertorium) https://praxis.memoryoftheworld.org (see repertorium) https://biopolitics.memoryoftheworld.org https://feminism.memoryoftheworld.org https://economics.memoryoftheworld.org https://midnightnotes.memoryoftheworld.org   Public Library Youtube Video Archive:

Repertorium: Aaaaarg.org

Collection Title: Aaaaarg.org Identification/URL: http://aaaaarg.org/ Creator: Sean Dockray Abstract: Aaaaarg.org is an online repository with over 50,000 books and texts. It was created by the artist Sean Dockray and serves as a library for the Public School – an online […]

Repertorium: Documenta:done

Collection Title: Documenta:done Identification/URL: http://ljudmila.org/~vuk/dx/ Creator: Vuk Ćosić Abstract: Vuk Ćosić created a stir in the art world and Net communities in 1997 when he created an identical copy of Documenta X’s web site that was to go offline once […]

Repertorium: Giving What You Don’t Have

Collection Title: Giving What You Don’t Have Identification/URL: http://artwarez.org/projects/GWYDH/ Creator: Cornelia Sollfrank Abstract: GWYDH is an artistic research project exploring the relation between art and the commons. On the basis of filmed interviews with artists, GWYDH introduces art projects whose […]

Repertorium: Herman’s Library

Collection Title: Herman’s Library Identification/URL: http://hermanshouse.org/, digital library: https://herman.memoryoftheworld.org Creator: Herman Wallace & Jackie Sumell Abstract: Herman’s Library contains books from the list composed by Herman Wallace and collected by Jackie Surnell, currently kept at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in […]

Repertorium: K_O_K

Collection Title: K_O_K Identification/URL: http://kok.memoryoftheworld.org Creator: digitizing community at MaMa, Zagreb Abstract: K_O_K (Katalog oslobođenih knjiga, en. Catalogue of Liberated Books) is a collection digitized using the DIY book scanner at MaMa in Zagreb. It was primarily created with the […]

Repertorium: Library Genesis

Collection Title: Library Genesis Identification/URL: http://gen.lib.rus.ec/ Creator: Unknown hackers Abstract: Library Genesis is an online repository with over a million of user-contributed books and is the first project in history to offer everyone on the Internet free download of its […]

Repertorium: Monoskop

Collection Title: Monoskop Identification/URL: http://monoskop.org/ Creator: Dušan Barok Abstract: Monoskop is a wiki, blog and a repository aggregating, documenting and mapping works, artists and intiatives related to the avant-gardes, media arts and theory and activism. Initially it focused on Eastern […]

Repertorium: One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age

Collection Title: One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age Identification/URL: http://contemporary-home-computing.org/1tb/ Creator: Olia Lialina & Dragan Espenschied Abstract: One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age contains a collection of restored Geocities webpages. It is not that easy to find pages that were made in […]

Repertorium: Postcapital

Collection Title: Postcapital Identification/URL: http://www.postcapital.org/ Creator: Daniel García Andújar Abstract: “Postcapital. Archive 1989–2001”. A digital archive comprised of over 250,000 documents (texts, audio files, videos, etc.) from the Internet compiled by Daniel García Andújar. “Postcapital” revolves around the far-reaching changes […]

Repertorium: Praxis (digitized)

Collection Title: Praxis (digitized) Identification/URL: http://praxis.memoryoftheworld.org Creator: Ante Lešaja & Tomislav Medak Abstract: Praxis (digitized) is a collection containing the (digitized) issues of Yugoslav, international, special and pocket editions of “Praxis”. It also contains the journal “Problemi” and a smaller […]

Repertorium: Printing Out the Internet

Collection Title: Printing Out the Internet Identification/URL: http://printingtheinternet.tumblr.com/ Creator: Kenneth Goldsmith Abstract: Printing Out the Internet is a collection of printed content from the Internet. In 2013 Kenneth Goldsmith issued a call for internet users to send printed content from […]

Public library: Public library (repertorium)

Collection Title: Public library Identification/URL: http://www.memoryoftheworld.org/ Creator: Marcell Mars & Tomislav Medak Abstract: See Public library. Acquisition Information: Public Library is a case for the institution of public library and its principle of the universal access to knowledge. Public Library […]

Repertorium: Textz.com

Collection Title: Textz.com Identification/URL: http://textz.com Creator: Sebastian Lütgert Abstract: Textz.com was a warez database for texts. Run by Sebastian Lütgert/ROLUX since 2001 with the slogan »we are the & in copy & paste«. One could find text with and without […]

Repertorium: UbuWeb

Collection Title: UbuWeb Identification/URL: http://ubu.com/ Creator: Kenneth Goldsmith Abstract: UbuWeb is the largest non-profit online archive of avant-garde art. It was created and is co-ordinated by the artist Kenneth Goldsmith. It is a curated repository. It offers visual, concrete and […]

Public library: Public library

In the catalog of History the Public Library is listed in the category of phenomena that we humans are most proud of. Along with the free public education, public health care, scientific method, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Wikipedia, Free […]

Librarian: Before and after Calibre

There are a very few expert fields where software tools didn’t become the essential part of their craft and workflows1. The adoption of software binds together, as Nathan Ensmenger2 writes, “mach­ines, people, and processes in an inextricably interconnected and interdependent […]

Librarian: End-to-end catalog

The public library is: free access to books for every member of society library catalog librarian With books ready to be shared, meticulously cataloged, everyone is a librarian. When everyone is librarian, library is everywhere. In any fantasy where Internet […]

Log: Workers’ and Punks’ University Reading Group

Text: Communization and value-form theory by Endnotes Context: WPU, the Workers’ and Punks’ University (http://dpu.mirovni-institut.si/ ), is a collective of students, researchers, and activists who organize series of public lectures, workshops, and seminars on issues that are both theoretically crucial […]

Log: Post-Media Lab Reading Group

Text: The Work/Energy Crisis and The Apocalypse by Midnight Notes Context: For it’s second research phases, the Post-Media Lab, Centre for Digital Cultures, Leuphana University, will be focusing on The Subsumption of Sociality. This research period runs from August 2012 […]

Log: Library under the canopy

In the heart of the city, under the canopy of kiberpipa, there is a cosy library where you can indulge yourself in reading pleasure even on cold days, in the company of warm drinks from kibepripa cafe. During the festival […]

Tools: Our beloved bookscanner

In P2P Public Library, the bookscanner has a very important role. It reminds us of the world outside of digital networks where we read, touch, smell and show books we want to digitize. Our beloved bookscanner reminds the world outside […]