2019-09-20 by librarian
Berlin friends, tomorrow at Panke Gallery Memory of the World​'s Scrolled Score will be on display alongside works by so many dear friends and allied projects: Željko Blaće​ (#QUEERingNETWORKing), Dušan Barok (monoskop.org), Sebastian Lütgert & Jan Gerber (0xdb.org), Kenneth Goldsmith (ubu.com), Sean Dockray (AAAAARG), Ruth... »read_more»
2017-08-18 by librarian
When the dominant idea of freedom in an age is that of freedom regulated by the markets, the collective capacity to pursue autonomy, equality and development becomes reduced to the freedom of competition and the freedom of consumer choice. Under the coercion of the market, with its inability to harmonize democratic equality with global free commerce, freedom of journalism transmogrifies into corrupt media acting as cronies of corporate and political interests; freedom of expression into officially condoned hate speech; while freedom of research and education into sky-rocketing... »read_more»
2015-07-10 by librarian
A new release of the Memory of the World platform is launched. Many changes. Klemo & Marcell chilled on the beach coding. Be patient if there are bugs. Report. Feedback. Latest [let’s share books] plugin has to be used. Upgrade is necessary. Not all Memory of the World’s librarians are back sharing with the latest plugin. Kindly ask them to start sharing again :) Tip for sharing books on FB and TW: Every book has a... »read_more»
2015-04-27 by librarian
Gallery Nova, Teslina 7, Zagreb 27.05 - 13.06.2015 exhibition and reading room 04.06 - 06.06.2015 conference 06.06 - 07.06.2015 workshop with Kenneth Goldsmith Wasting time on the Internet A public library is: free access to books for every member of society library... »read_more»
2015-04-15 by librarian
Venue: DCRL, Am Sande 5 (second floor, map) In Lüneburg at DCRL , from April 17-20, the Public Library will gather together software and hardware developers, amateur librarians and researchers working on... »read_more»