2015-09-10 by librarian
In [lets's share books] Calibre plugin a librarian gets her name shuffled from the list of great librarians of today and the past. Given name can be saved (by clicking [SAVE]) or let the new name appear every time one restarts Calibre. During the session librarian's name can be changed by clicking [NEW] (see screenshot below). That said, the better future will appreciate if you use [EDIT] button, recognize the importance of a civil disobedience today and become a brave librarian who share her book... »read_more»
2014-10-28 by librarian
Every discipline on its way of acceptance and establishment in a society structures its knowledge and articulates the importance of the discipline for the society. Librarianship is no different. Structure helps the discipline to make a curriculum, curriculum helps the discipline to get accepted by the academia, academia helps profession to get recognized and then to keep the pool exclusive for the ones who master the (structure and) knowledge (at the academia). When discipline articulates its (information) workflows software engineers come to help the professionals to make repetitive... »read_more»
2012-11-27 by librarian
There are a very few expert fields where software tools didn’t become the essential part of their craft and workflows1. The adoption of software binds together, as Nathan Ensmenger2 writes, “machines, people, and processes in an inextricably interconnected and interdependent system” which never goes without “conflict, negotiation, disputes over professional authority, and the conflation of social, political, and technological agendas.... »read_more»