Indian Summer Release

A new release of the Memory of the World platform is launched. Many changes. Klemo & Marcell chilled on the beach coding. Be patient if there are bugs. Report. Feedback. Latest [let’s share books] plugin has to be used. Upgrade […]

How to: Bookscanning

In the focus of this manual are the scanners built for the Public Library project, designed by Voja Antonić. The Public Library scanner was built with the immediate use by a wide community of users in mind. Hence, the principle […]

A public library of my own

A public library of my own: From user to librarian, from print book to digital annotations How can I digitize books? Where can I find e-books? What is the best way to manage my electronic library collection? How do I […]

Our beloved bookscanner

In P2P Public Library, the bookscanner has a very important role. It reminds us of the world outside of digital networks where we read, touch, smell and show books we want to digitize. Our beloved bookscanner reminds the world outside […]