Repertorium: Stories from the Archives

“Finding aid includes a wide range of formats, including card indexes, calendars, guides, inventories, shelf and container lists, and registers. Finding aid is a single document that places the materials in context by consolidating information about the collection, such as […]

Archive of Humanistic Textual Production in Yugoslavia

Collection Title: Archive of Humanistic Textual Production in Yugoslavia Identification/URL:јneznalica Creator: The Ignorant Schoolmaster and his Committees Abstract: Archive of Humanistic Textual Production in Yugoslavia is part of The Ignorant schoolmasters’ self-education platform. It is a […]

Midnight Notes (digitized)

Collection Title: Midnight Notes (digitized) Identification/URL: Creator: Midnight Notes Collective (prepared for Memory of the World by Anthony Iles) Abstract: Midnight Notes (digitized) is a collection compiling the (digitized) issues of issues of Midnight Notes. It also contains some books […]

Collection Title: Identification/URL: Creator: Sean Dockray Abstract: is an online repository with over 50,000 books and texts. It was created by the artist Sean Dockray and serves as a library for the Public School – an online […]


Collection Title: Documenta:done Identification/URL: Creator: Vuk Ćosić Abstract: Vuk Ćosić created a stir in the art world and Net communities in 1997 when he created an identical copy of Documenta X’s web site that was to go offline once […]

Giving What You Don’t Have

Collection Title: Giving What You Don’t Have Identification/URL: Creator: Cornelia Sollfrank Abstract: GWYDH is an artistic research project exploring the relation between art and the commons. On the basis of filmed interviews with artists, GWYDH introduces art projects whose […]

Herman’s Library

Collection Title: Herman’s Library Identification/URL:, digital library: Creator: Herman Wallace & Jackie Sumell Abstract: Herman’s Library contains books from the list composed by Herman Wallace and collected by Jackie Surnell, currently kept at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in […]


Collection Title: K_O_K Identification/URL: Creator: digitizing community at MaMa, Zagreb Abstract: K_O_K (Katalog oslobođenih knjiga, en. Catalogue of Liberated Books) is a collection digitized using the DIY book scanner at MaMa in Zagreb. It was primarily created with the […]

Library Genesis

Collection Title: Library Genesis Identification/URL: Creator: Unknown hackers Abstract: Library Genesis is an online repository with over a million of user-contributed books and is the first project in history to offer everyone on the Internet free download of its […]


Collection Title: Monoskop Identification/URL: Creator: Dušan Barok Abstract: Monoskop is a wiki, blog and a repository aggregating, documenting and mapping works, artists and intiatives related to the avant-gardes, media arts and theory and activism. Initially it focused on Eastern […]

One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age

Collection Title: One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age Identification/URL: Creator: Olia Lialina & Dragan Espenschied Abstract: One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age contains a collection of restored Geocities webpages. It is not that easy to find pages that were made in […]


Collection Title: Postcapital Identification/URL: Creator: Daniel García Andújar Abstract: “Postcapital. Archive 1989–2001”. A digital archive comprised of over 250,000 documents (texts, audio files, videos, etc.) from the Internet compiled by Daniel García Andújar. “Postcapital” revolves around the far-reaching changes […]

Praxis (digitized)

Collection Title: Praxis (digitized) Identification/URL: Creator: Ante Lešaja & Tomislav Medak Abstract: Praxis (digitized) is a collection containing the (digitized) issues of Yugoslav, international, special and pocket editions of “Praxis”. It also contains the journal “Problemi” and a smaller […]

Printing Out the Internet

Collection Title: Printing Out the Internet Identification/URL: Creator: Kenneth Goldsmith Abstract: Printing Out the Internet is a collection of printed content from the Internet. In 2013 Kenneth Goldsmith issued a call for internet users to send printed content from […]

Public library (repertorium)

Collection Title: Public library Identification/URL: Creator: Marcell Mars & Tomislav Medak Abstract: See Public library. Acquisition Information: Public Library is a case for the institution of public library and its principle of the universal access to knowledge. Public Library […]

Collection Title: Identification/URL: Creator: Sebastian Lütgert Abstract: was a warez database for texts. Run by Sebastian Lütgert/ROLUX since 2001 with the slogan »we are the & in copy & paste«. One could find text with and without […]


Collection Title: UbuWeb Identification/URL: Creator: Kenneth Goldsmith Abstract: UbuWeb is the largest non-profit online archive of avant-garde art. It was created and is co-ordinated by the artist Kenneth Goldsmith. It is a curated repository. It offers visual, concrete and […]