Indian Summer Release

A new release of the Memory of the World platform is launched. Many changes. Klemo & Marcell chilled on the beach coding. Be patient if there are bugs. Report. Feedback. Latest [let’s share books] plugin has to be used. Upgrade […]

A public library of my own

A public library of my own: From user to librarian, from print book to digital annotations How can I digitize books? Where can I find e-books? What is the best way to manage my electronic library collection? How do I […]

Really Useful Knowledge

At “Really Useful Knowledge” exhibition (curated by What, How and for Whom?/WHW) in Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid Public Library went under the name: Public Library: Art as infrastructure. Hackers know how to build infrastructures. Calafou is “colonia ecoindustrial postcapitalista” […]

Timeline of Public Library

“Archives of violence”. Exhibition/Symposium/Workshop, at Chifte Hammam, National Gallery of Macedonia (Organized by Kontrapunkt. Skopje. November 2016. programme: KRIK – Program exhibition: KRIK – Exhibition “The Illegality of Freedom”. Symposium, at Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien. Vienna. November 2016. programme: […]

Repertorium: Stories from the Archives

“Finding aid includes a wide range of formats, including card indexes, calendars, guides, inventories, shelf and container lists, and registers. Finding aid is a single document that places the materials in context by consolidating information about the collection, such as […]

Why and How to Be(come) an Amateur Librarian

Every discipline on its way of acceptance and establishment in a society structures its knowledge and articulates the importance of the discipline for the society. Librarianship is no different. Structure helps the discipline to make a curriculum, curriculum helps the […]

Workers’ and Punks’ University Reading Group

Text: Communization and value-form theory by Endnotes Context: WPU, the Workers’ and Punks’ University (http://dpu.mirovni-institut.si/ ), is a collective of students, researchers, and activists who organize series of public lectures, workshops, and seminars on issues that are both theoretically crucial […]

Ignorant Schoolmaster and His Committees

Text: Critical Notes on the Theory of the Labour-Managed Firm and Some Macroeconomic Implications by Branko Horvat Context: The Ignorant Schoolmaster and his Committees Platform –this platform opened in February 2011 as an archive of Yugoslav humanistic and a platform […]

Post-Media Lab Reading Group

Text: The Work/Energy Crisis and The Apocalypse by Midnight Notes Context: For it’s second research phases, the Post-Media Lab, Centre for Digital Cultures, Leuphana University, will be focusing on The Subsumption of Sociality. This research period runs from August 2012 […]

Library under the canopy

In the heart of the city, under the canopy of kiberpipa, there is a cosy library where you can indulge yourself in reading pleasure even on cold days, in the company of warm drinks from kibepripa cafe. During the festival […]