Why and How to Be(come) an Amateur Librarian

Every discipline on its way of acceptance and establishment in a society structures its knowledge and articulates the importance of the discipline for the society. Librarianship is no different. Structure helps the discipline to make a curriculum, curriculum helps the […]

Before and after Calibre

There are a very few expert fields where software tools didn’t become the essential part of their craft and workflows1. The adoption of software binds together, as Nathan Ensmenger2 writes, “mach­ines, people, and processes in an inextricably interconnected and interdependent […]

End-to-end catalog

The public library is: free access to books for every member of society library catalog librarian With books ready to be shared, meticulously cataloged, everyone is a librarian. When everyone is librarian, library is everywhere. In any fantasy where Internet […]