2015-05-27 by librarian
Creator:Sean Dockray is an online repository with over 50,000 books and texts. It was created by the artist Sean Dockray and serves as a library for the Public School – an online platform that supports offline autodidactic activities. has grown into a community of researchers and enthusiasts from contemporary art, critical theory, philosophy, and related fields who maintain, catalog, annotate and run discussions relevant to their research itnerests.
Acquisition Information:Courtesy of Sean Dockray.
Conditions Governing Access:Available online. Invite-based membership required to download books.
Biographical/Historical Information:Sean Dockray is an artist, a founding director of the Los Angeles non-profit Telic Arts Exchange, and initiator of knowledge-sharing platforms, The Public School and As a research fellow the Post-Media Lab at Leuphana University last year, he explored the physical infrastructure of the sharing economy, focusing on Facebook’s new northern European datacenter. His written essays address topics such as online education (Frieze), the militarisation of universities (in Contestations: Learning from Critical Experiments in Education), book scanning (Fillip), traffic control (Cabinet), and radio (Volume). He lives in Melbourne.
Subjects:informal education, artist and researcher communities, discussion boards
tags: repertorium