Repertorium: Archive of Humanistic Textual Production in Yugoslavia

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Archive of Humanistic Textual Production in Yugoslavia



The Ignorant Schoolmaster and his Committees


Archive of Humanistic Textual Production in Yugoslavia is part of The Ignorant schoolmasters’ self-education platform. It is a physical and digital library which includes a wide range of books and documents from philosophy and social studies to laws, constitutions and documentation of economic policies. It also includes 3 series of discussions held as part of the platform in the last 4 years uploaded in their entirety to archive’s YouTube channel. In addition it will soon hold a collection of over 200 interviews with war participants and anti-war activists.

The collection addresses and is used by a wide scope of groups in society from groups of workers fighting against privatization and for labor rights, war participants and antiwar activists, to artists, activists, intellectuals, etc.

The archive is disseminated through the media production of The Ignorant Schoolmaster which includes the weekly Newsletter for Self-Education and Societal Issues, TV and radio programs.

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The books are donated by their authors and the users of the archive.

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Freely available online.

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philosophy and humanities, social studies, political economy, marxism, economics, law and legal documents