Repertorium: Praxis (digitized)

Collection Title:

Praxis (digitized)



Ante Lešaja & Tomislav Medak


Praxis (digitized) is a collection containing the (digitized) issues of Yugoslav, international, special and pocket editions of “Praxis”. It also contains the journal “Problemi” and a smaller number of monographs that provide context for the understanding of the work and historic significance of the “Praxis” journal. The Praxis (digitized) collection was created as a part of the digitization of the archive of the “Praxis” journal and the Korčula summer school that was initially assembled by Ante Lešaja.

The collection currently includes 38 issues of Yugoslav edition, 2 special issues, 24 issues of international edition and 8 publications in the pocket edition of “Praxis”. It also includes 15 issues of the journal “Problemi”, and 5 collected volumes and monographs.

Acquisition Information:

The physical collection used in the digitisation was obtained from the estate of Milo Cipra (courtesy of Igor Jović), the public library of and primarily the archive of of the “Praxis” journal and the Korčula summer school assembled by Ante Lešaja. The digitization and processing of the digital collection was done by Tomislav Medak.

Conditions Governing Access:

Free available online.

Biographical/Historical Information:

The “Praxis” journal is one of the lasting, internationally significant intellectual legacies of Yugoslavia. The collective of critical thinkers around the journal developed a singular trajectory of humanist Marxist and socialist analysis in the context of non-aligned Yugoslavia.

Together with its Korčula summer school the journal functioned as a hub for the exchange of critical positions between the East and the West in the years 1963-1974, a turbulent decade that first saw the rise of social movements across the world and then the subsequent backlash of authoritarian forces. In the proceedings of the summer school and the journal participated many prominent figures of the period, a.o. Ernst Bloch, Herbert Marcuse, Henri Lefebvre, Karel Kosik, Jürgen Habermas, Lucien Goldmann.


humanist Marxism