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digitizing community at MaMa, Zagreb


K_O_K (Katalog oslobođenih knjiga, en. Catalogue of Liberated Books) is a collection digitized using the DIY book scanner at MaMa in Zagreb. It was primarily created with the aim of making available literature in Marxism, humanities, labor history and political economy/economics produced during the period of socialist Yugoslavia.

Much of that literature has not only been forgotten, but deliberatly removed from the libraries in the period of nationalist and capitalist restauration in the 90s. The collection should help the study of the Yugoslav politico-economic and humanist thought. To complement that study and make accessible in general the international Marxist literature not available in public libraries in Zagreb, K_O_K also contains a number of contemporary titles. Praxis (digitized) collection is a subcollection of K_O_K (see repertorium Praxis (digitized))

K_O_K digitization process is also a testing ground for developing and optimizing workflow of community digitization efforts.

Acquisition Information:

The digitized books are mostly holdings of the public library at MaMa in Zagreb and the personal collections of the community digitizing the books. All Marx and Engels works were digitized from the former holdings of the library of the Political School of Croatian Communist Party in Kumrovec left there abandoned and salvaged by the members of the student occupation of the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Zagreb.

The digitizing community at MaMa includes members of the leftist organizations such Center for Labor Studies, BRID, Femfront and MaMa itself.

Conditions Governing Access:

Free available online.

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political economy, Marxism, economics, labor studies, humanities