Log: Workers’ and Punks’ University Reading Group


Communization and value-form theory by Endnotes


WPU, the Workers’ and Punks’ University (http://dpu.mirovni-institut.si/ ), is a collective of students, researchers, and activists who organize series of public lectures, workshops, and seminars on issues that are both theoretically crucial and politically urgent. Located in the Autonomous Cultural Centre Metelkova and affiliated with the Peace Institute (Ljubljana), it provides a radical local alternative to the academia as well as politics. Instead of degrees it offers public debate, and instead of expert knowledge, theory.

WPU was established in 1998. Its board comprises students and activists who practice in their organizational work the politics of self-management. The core of WPU represents a series of lectures on a topic selected by the board. The lectures given by both academic and independent researchers run each year from November to May. Tackling politically and socially relevant issues in an accessible as well as rigorous manner, they are aimed at a broad audience that actively contributes to discussions. The lectures are accompanied by reading seminars that either supplement the lectures or develop their own problematics, fostering in each case the interaction between WPU and the community. To that aim, week-long symposia have been organized in recent years around Labor Day. Representatives of WPU are also engaged in social struggles such as student demonstrations, union strikes, and activist movements.


The topics of the WPU series of lectures have been:

Revolution (1998), Neo-conservatism (1999), The New Right (2000), The Left (2001), Utopistics (2001-2), May 68 REvision (2002-3), Love and Politics (2003-4), Post-Fordism (2004-5), Political Ecology (2005-6), On Sin (2006-7), Totalitarianism (2007-8), Stupidity (2008-9), School as an Ideological Apparatus of Economy (2009-10), Class Struggle after Class Struggle (2010-11), Financialization (2011-12).