Log: Ignorant Schoolmaster and His Committees


Critical Notes on the Theory of the Labour-Managed Firm and Some Macroeconomic Implications by Branko Horvat


The Ignorant Schoolmaster and his Committees Platform –this platform opened in February 2011 as an archive of Yugoslav humanistic and a platform for self-education. Carrying on and reactivating the tradition of socialist thinking the platform through different methodologies self-education – physical and digital archive, reading groups, writing workshops, seminars, etc. It promotes these discourses and creates the public that is able to use them, develops their concepts and practice as well as disseminate them in wider layers of society. The activities in the project address and analyze everyday socio-political events in the context of conceptual socialist discourses and in that way can be conceived as activist acts. The main target groups students, artists, activists, workers and ex-workers, war veteran and anti-war activists. Beyond the self-justification of the activities themselves, the project produces and disseminates knowledge in the form of books, readers, catalogs, transcripts, audio – radio and video broadcasts, blogs, etc. and a networks similar projects.