Log: Centre for Labour Studies Reading Group


Too Many Blindspots About the Media by Michael A. Lebowitz from the book Following Marx


The Centre for Labour Studies [CRS] is devoted to theoretically account for and – as far as possible – fill part of the intellectual and political gap left by the ‘cleansing’ of both the academia and public debates from all remnants of the Marxist tradition.

The purpose of CRS is to actively challenge well-established trends and contribute to the re-affirmation of an undogmatic, critical and non-sectarian Marxist tradition in Croatia and the broader region, with special emphasis on the Marxist critique of political economy. Our aim is to 1) introduce relevant contemporary Marxist literature into intellectual and political debates and provide a platform for its reception and dissemination; 2) encourage and contribute to the re-emergence of a theoretically well-founded and relevant critique of capitalist restoration and its social and political implications; 3) contribute to a deepening of communication and cooperation of researchers, political educators, intellectuals and activists from the broader region devoted to this project; 4) intervene in broader public and intellectual debates by organizing conferences, seminars, reading groups and publications; 5) provide theoretical and intellectual impulses for a critical self-examination and strengthening of the anti-capitalist Left; 6) contribute to the theoretical and political strengthening of the weakened labor movement in the region; 7) support and participate in the theoretical development of democratic socio-economic alternatives to capitalist social relations.